How long does it take to make a groove in your settee? Having been laying here for the last five days almost non-stop, I’m starting to think I will have imprinted myself onto this chair within the hour. A week becomes a very long time when you have little to do, and even longer when […]

Now that I’ve been forcibly confined to my house for the foreseeable future as a result of an injury, it seems a good time to pick up on the old writing again. It’s been too long and it’d be good to see if I’ve still got it. My knee has been roundly buggered after making […]

I’m going to an actual gig tomorrow. My favourite pastime, which I’ve severely neglected in recent months, or even years, is going to be rekindled in a very big way – Bloc Party at Earls’ Court. It’s very difficult to write this blog with ‘I Still Remember’ at full volume on my laptop, preferring to […]

It’s mid-September and it’s already getting dark at half past seven. The sun is setting not only on this day but on a wonderful and memorable summer. Of course, one always laments the passing of that season; the never-ending opportunity for fun and a quite frankly gluttonous volume of barbecues makes even the most mundane […]

Until recently I had never been concerned by such nonsenses as weight watching and keeping fit. I am a man blessed with the highest of metabolisms and have always felt somewhat spritely when going about my daily routine. Such was the confidence in my body to maintain a very low BMI that I had failed […]

I left my job in administration on Friday to start a new job in administration on Monday. Both jobs are in the complaint departments at fairly big banks. The only plus side to this situation (besides getting paid) is that, when questioned about my deeds for the evil banks, I can argue that my position […]